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Australia 4G Pocket WiFi (600MB daily) (Rent)
Originally: HK$ 115.00
Price: HK$ 90
Weight: 22% OFF

    Available in Australia, 4G, 600MB daily
    Download speeds: 225Mbps / Upload speeds: 40Mbps
    No setting needed, switch on the machine and connect to the internet directly
    Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Lai Chi Kok three convenient pick up points

Australia Wifi has a data limit of 600MB x rental days

Eg. Customers will have 6000MB data (600MB x 10 days) for 10 Days trip.
*For excessive usage it will be charges at (600MB/90HKD)


Speed (download / upload) 225Mbps / 40Mbps
Voice / SMS ×
Web / E-mail
Wi-Fi Internet Tethering
Google Map GPS
Apps ( WhatsApp / Kakao / Facebook / Twitter )
Voice over IP (Skype / LINE / Viber)
Data usage 600MB daily
Supported devices All smart phone / tablet computer
Maximum connectivity 5
Deposit $500


Coverage: CLICK HERE

Battery Life:15 Hours  Standby:600 Hours

Dimension(s):66(H) x 106.4 (W) x 15.5(D)mm


***No setting required***

***Multi WiFi device can connect to the Pocket WiFi at the same time****

***Support all smartphones***


Rental Notes

1 Deposit

Deposit required to pay a fight when extracting machine, when the machine will be returned immediately after the refund-related deposit.


2 Extraction and also machine

Extraction and restitution required to place orders When selected, this service extraction Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Lai Chi Kok collection point, following extraction point addresses and hours of operation:


Causeway Bay

Address: Room 808, 8th Floor, Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hang Lung Centre from 2 to 20

Hours: Monday to Friday (public holidays) 11:00 am - 8:00 pm


Mong Kok

Address: Room 03-049 F Bright Way Tower, 33 Mong Kok Road

Hours: Monday to Sunday (except public holidays) 12:00pm - 9:00pm


Lai Chi Kok

Address: 688 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong Room 608 A Block Ka Ming Factory Building, 6/F

Hours: Monday to Sunday (except public holidays) 9: 30pm - 5: 30pm


3 Determine Order

On order is confirmed, you will receive an order to show to the service personnel when established confirmation, please receive the machine.





Terms of Service

1. Scope

The terms of service to use the applicant (hereinafter referred to as "the applicant") using the data provided ESONDATA Yi News Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "Yi's data") unlimited Internet data services, equipment and accessories ( hereinafter referred to as applicable when "Internet devices").

2. unlimited Internet data usage limit services

A. Unlimited Internet data services, the company may, based on a predetermined manner, to provide unlimited use within Region Internet data services.

B. Use unlimited Internet data services and can not, do not allow conduct online game, live streaming, voice calls (except with WiFi function voice calls). If the applicant using a communication device provided by the Company to make voice calls and not cause any costs, the applicant should bear the cost of all calls, and the responsibility of an administrative fine of 100% of the Company.

C. subject to different national telecommunications service provider of the Fair Usage Policy Fair Use regulations limit the daily data flow can not exceed 400MB, as a result of excessive traffic, slow Internet speed or stop the service without prior notice.

3. Network Quality

The company is not on the quality of service or service network make any guarantees. (While using network resources ie people) during peak hours in the network, mobile data customers experience and use of the service will be intermittent or impact.

4. Application and Contract established

A. Applicants fill our predetermined application, and directly (or through the Company's designated agent) to the Company filed (web Applicant, the online application after the data is sent, in order to send the e-mail auto-reply instead). Rental of Internet equipment, the line designated by the Company, the Company designated prior to loan equipment, can not be changed.

B. The applicant company in accordance with the procedures prescribed complete the application by the Company or the Company's designated agent agreed to contract only established after the application.

C. After contract inception, the applicant is required to pay the full amount due to confirm the order.

D. if the contract within the case have charged the deposit guarantee. Original payment margining back to the applicant to return all communication equipment and rental balance.

E. as a result of lack of inventory or other matter in accordance with the application can not provide content and services in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall have been received by all rent and a deposit returned in full to the applicant, but does not make the amount of compensation.

5. Internet access equipment at the turn of income

A. The applicant must fill in the application delivery method. If the Company is not in accordance with the requirements of the settlement, you must contact the applicant further arrangement, the amount of all diplomatic fees will be borne by the Company.

B. An applicant who fails to specify in the application delivery method, and who could not be contacted, the company assumes Pickup location-based (room Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hang Lung Centre from 2 to No. 20, 8th Floor, 808) Company Address .

C. Customer shall at their own expense before the specified date or the return, visit the Company's offices (1st floor of a 31 Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Monday-Friday from 11:00 to 20:00), (33 Mong Kok Road room 03-049 F Bright way Tower, Monday to Sunday 12:00 to 9:00 pm), at the turn of the following collection points or return the device. otherwise, the data will be charged according to their easy - day rental fee per day extra rental fee until the data is easy to receive good news of the status of the device. .


public holiday

6. lease period

Rental fees are calculated from the departure date to the return date from the end. The use of principle loan upper limit 30 days. More than 30 applicants, the agreement to be subject to negotiations.

B. During the lease (ie travel period) such as Internet access devices for any problem can not be used, applicants should call the hotline immediately notify the Company deferred payment arrangements. If the applicant back to Hong Kong after the notice to the Company, the Company reserves the right not to make any adjustments and charges are not responsible.

7. Cancellations

To cancel an order, the applicant shall pay the administrative fee ︰

  • 5 days before departure date to cancel the order, the Company will deduct 30% of the rent for the administrative costs, a full refund of deposit (shipping extra)
  • 5 days before the departure date to cancel the order, the Company will deduct 50% of the rent for the administrative costs, a full refund of deposit (shipping extra)


The communication management and loss of equipment damage

A. Applicants should follow the designated use of the company to the heart of good administrators and responsibility, use and management of the company's Internet access.

B. The applicant in case of Internet access device is lost, damaged or when the theft was circumstances shall immediately notify the Company. In addition, in case of a communication device was lost or damaged · violations of theft, Internet and communication costs prior notification to the Company, being the illegal use shall be paid by the applicant.

C. in the Company deems it necessary, the company will be with the applicant under survey to confirm the status quo of the Company Internet equipment, to avoid controversy.

D. In case of applicant · Internet access device is lost or damaged when the theft of the circumstances, the amount of compensation should be based on the following compensation to the company:

Amount (HK $)

3G, 4G Pocket WiFi $ 1000

USB data cable $ 30

Adapter plugs $ 200

SIM card is $ 300

External Charger external charger $ 200

9. Prohibitions

A. The applicant shall not be installed on the Internet or other mechanical equipment accessories, and may not engage in transformation, decomposition or cause other damage or malfunction of equipment Internet behavior.

B. The applicant will not engage in communications equipment sublease, transfer, pledge to a third person or a third person as a guarantee for goals violations of the company's ownership.

C. The applicant shall not use the Company's access equipment for any irregularities or illegal acts.

10. Fair Use Policy

A. In order to ensure fair and equitable for all customers to communicate, the customer must use all the equipment in accordance with our Terms of Service. Telecommunications supplier reserves the right to change their service models and policies without prior notice.

B. 41 countries in Europe an area, the second district and three-zone, a zone 173 countries around the world and the second district of daily usage limit of 400MB, local telecommunications operators the right to interrupt, slow down, or restrict the use.

C. Because it will be a burden on the communication transmission, by limiting the protocol to use. This interrupt is generated, or limit, the fee will not be refunded.

11. Disclaimer

A. Customer shall ensure that all means of data roaming services has been closed (if applicable), as previously described to the customer fails to turn off data roaming services, data roaming charges for all disputes occasioned thereby, the easy - the data will not be accepted.

B. If the customer smartphone or errors and failed to set the Internet, that can not be transmitted through the Internet service, easy - it is not responsible for the data.

C. In the case of the maximum permitted by law, Easy - data shall not under any circumstances to customers and / or any third party due to or arising from the services and the service-related indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (including but not limited to profits, income, loss of reputation) any liability. As data have confirmed that Yi's breach of the terms of this Agreement, the sole and exclusive remedy is easy - customers will refund the data service fees related to the day.

12. Personal Information Statement

A. provide customers' personal data to the data of the easy - only for Pocket Wi-Fi / SIM card for rental purposes.

B. You must ensure that the data is easy - all the data provided is complete, true and up to date.

C. Yi's data will comply << Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance >> handle personal information management and customers.

13. This service change treaty

The treaty would serve to change without notice, any material changes, the announcement will be posted on our website, without prior notice.

3-day Flexible pass

HK$ 780 HK$ 800

3-day pass

HK$ 580 HK$ 600

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