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AIS Sim2fly! Asia Version (include 17 Countries)
Originally: HK$ 299.00
Price: HK$ 88
Weight: 71% OFF

    AIS SIM2FLY Prepaid Data SIM Card
    Unlimited data for 8 days (4GB FUP)
    Available in 17 famous countries

AIS SIM2FLY Prepaid Data SIM Card

One Card, Lots of suprise

Registration free, Easy to activate


SIM Usage Guide

1. Insert your SIM into your phone SIM card slot.

2. Turn on data roaming settings on your phone.

3. The SIM card will be automatically activated when you use the internet. (Or you can manually activate your SIM card by dialing *121# Dial)

4. For SIM internet bundle package, when first-activating the SIM card, the package will be automatically activated and package validity will start immediately. We recommend you first-activate the SIM card while abroad or before departure to get the maximum benefits.

5. For unlimited internet package bundling with SIM card, you can use internet at full internet speed of 3GB, after it is used up, you can use the internet at a speed of 128Kbps until the 8-day period expires.

6. To check your remaining data usage allowance of max speed, dial *111*6#

7. The package can be used only within the specified countries.

8. You do not have to select a network manually. SIM will automatically select a network when you are abroad.



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